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Pre-Loved ITEM FOR SALE Halford: Premier Booster Car Seat(Red)

Halford: Premier Booster Car Seat(Red)


* Forward facing car seat for use from 9 – 36kg

Stage 1 : Use from 1 year to 18kg with 5 point harness for best protection
Stage 2 : Harness is removed and converted to booster seat from 18-25kgs
Stage 3 : At 25kgs, seat back can be removed and used as backless booster seat
* 5 point harness
* 2 shoulder harness position accomodate the growing baby
* Adjustable headrestto fit baby’s different height
* Side impact protection on head support for added safety and comfort
* Easy front harness adjustment
* Washable seat cover
* It is ECE R44-03 Certified.



PRE LOVED PRICE HANYA RM280 (exclude postage)

Sebab-sebab nak jual: Anak dah xmo duduk dalam car seat

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Tired Survey All The Kindi/Playschool In Selayang

Next year Furqqan Hullaiff Putra will turn to 3year old.Mama yang hover survey all the kindi  or playschool around selayang.

First survey BBIM


Sangat impress dengan all the Montessori method and the timetable also mcm ok.

Syllabus pun ok and yang penting the teacher yg bagi explanation sangat bagus.

Fee pulak for annual register rm1000++ and for monthly rm320 for halfday.

Next playschool SMART READER

Smart Reader

This school mmg tersangatlah branch kat selayang.Bile pegi dengar explanation mcm x berapa nk convince sangat

Annual register dalam rm1000++ and monthly rm295

Next playschool is SSE or SESAME STREET ENGLISH


Playschool ni macam baru sebab baru ada dalam 5 branch in KL/Selangor

So kami pegi usha time open day.Memang sangat teruja dengan all the equipment and the teacher nampak mcm best.

Yang x berapa nak best…Fee dier….hihihi.. agak mahal.

Annual register rm1700 and monthly rm400 for halfday.

Tapi we decide choose this school sebab “MACAM BEST JER…MACAM BEST JER “

qan 2yr

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its more than a year

its more than a year aku tidak menjenguk blog ini\

currently tersangatlah bz with online bizness


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This time we bring all sibling member from husband side.Just a weekend trip to Langkawi.We stay at budget hotel TWIN PEAKS.First day we just have some shopping at KUAH area.Everybody was memborong coklat.

 Twin Peak
 My hero enjoy his 1st trip even demam…
Again my little hero


Mereka yg memborong coklat..

Second day we have two tour.
First in the morning we have ISLAND HOPING TOUR which take about 4 hours.

Island Hoping tour itenerary as below:

The Langkawi Island Hopping Tour takes you on a journey to explore Langkawi’s most illustrious islets. First you’ll be taken to visit verdant ‘Pulau Singa Besar’ – Big Lion Island; the boat stops just shy of the shores and you’ll get the chance to watch the king of the skies – eagles – as they soar overhead. Observe as they dive to catch their prey, chicken bits that the boat driver has thrown into the water, with deadly precision – it’s a great photo and video opportunity.
Next head on over to Pulau Dayang Bunting – the silhouette of the pregnant maiden from a distance is truly awe-inspiring; meanwhile the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden – overflowing with supposed ‘magical’ waters is another breathtaking sight. Relax on the adjoining buoys on the shores, dip your feet into the waters or splash and swim around in the enclosed sections. The day ends with a visit to ‘Beras Basah Island’ – or Wet Rice Island – another pristine Langkawi beach with clear waters and far-reaching views of the sea where you can relax and soak up the sun and sea after a day spent trekking up to the Pregnant Maiden Lake and feeding the eagles.

Experience naik bot
To Pulau Dayang Bunting
Pulau Dayang Bunting
Jetty Pulau Dayang Bunting
To Pulau Beras Basah
Pulau Beras Basah
Pulau Beras Basah

Lunch break

Second tour is MANGROVE TOUR

Mangrove tour itenerary as below:
Mangrove Tour is a tour along Kilim river. On both side are mangrove trees. The boat will cruise slowly and you look and learn about mangrove ecosystem. This is fun and educational tour for everybody. Mangrove Tour Langkawi, is an educational and recreational tour, suitable to everybody. The tour will slowly cruise the river and you will able to watch animals like birds, monkeys and eagle active searching for food. Experience for yourself the mangrove trees on your left and rignt of the river
> Bat Cave
> Fish Farm
> Eagle Feeding
> Mangrove Sightseeing
> Crocodile Cave
> Open Sea (Andaman Sea)
> Icon Kilim Geoforest Park
> Tanjung Rhu View
> Fish Feeding at Dangli Island

Kilim MangroveTour


Experience bagi ikan makan


Monkey is everywhere


On the way to crocodile cave


Kilim Geo Park
Settle…Wait for our next destination……
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Today we start our journey early in the morning. Lebih kurang dalam pukul 9pagi (awal ker?). We decide to to take cycle around Kyoto course and the East Course.
Start from our hostel in Kyoto town, the first place we go is NIJO CASTLE. On the way to this Nijo Castle we manage to reach here without lost.Rasa macam confident bertambah untuk berbasikal sebab first place tak sesat.But we all tak masuk pun ke Nijo Castle sebab kene bayar entrance fee.



 Then we proceed to KINKUJI AREA. Just our luck when we reach here, they have some event.The feeling was great to see Japanese culture there.Here also a lot of stall sell tako-tako.Apa lagi sah-sah le sental gak makan kat sini.





So the third place is Ryoanji area. Just about 20minitue cycle from Kinkuji area.Here we also didnt go inside the castle because need to pay the entrance fee.



Last place we go is PATH OF PHYLOSOPY.This place are very-very-very-very far.Macam nak tercabut kaki kayuh basikal.


So settle for one day KYOTO TOUR. Petang dah nak kene return all the bicycle.After that is shopping time for us before balik ke Malaysia.Sempat gak kami shopping UNIQLO. ( tersangat le murah t shirt kat UNIQLO di sini)

TADAAAAAAAA…. wait for the next place………..
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Our flight on Friday nite which is at around 7.30pm.Most of the team member on leave  except me (NANA).Because of that terpaksalah minta release awal balik pukul 4.30pm.So i need to rush macam orang gile from office in Jalan Raja Chulan and take LRT from KLCC to KL Central.
From there my hubby (FAIZAL) sudah tunggu betoi2 di gate ERL.Memang semput ahkakkkkkkks……
Kurang lewat pukul 10mlm we reach the Ngurai Rah Airport.Sesampai je terus minta MAS SUPIR bawak makan nasi padang.Semua pun dah tahap gaban lapar.Then we check-in hotel and sleep.



One day tour BALI-We start our tour at 8.30am in the morning.After buffe breakfast at hotel we go to UBUD AREA.Before that we singgah at Painting Gallery.At painting gallery me n hubby was so excited + teruja dgn lukisan-lukisan yang sangat cantik.Harus lah membeli satu abstract paiting di sini.Ubud area just see PURA and see some BALINESE culture.Then we having our lunch at one restaurant around UBUD.
Painting Gallery-Ubud


Terbeli juga.


Hasil shopping yg pertama


Little ADAM very the notty ala2 al-furqqan.




Next we go to TANAH LOT.On the way to Tanah Lot, we drop by to see KOPI LUWAK shop.The things that we go here is because the MAS SUPIR say that the kopi there is gratis to taste.This Tanah Lot the PURA betoi2 located tepi pantai.Me and hubby dapat le jugak amik gambar skit.This is because terjebak dengan lukisan abstract painting.In Tanah Lot harganya lagi murah.So apa lagi…beli lagi le…..Our group yang lain pun sama juga membeli di sini which is much more cheaper than the gallery.Then we proceed to ULUWATU to see the kencak dance but sudah tak sempat.
Dinner we go to JIMBARAN.Here we having seafood dinner.We take set seafood dinner about Rp125k per pax.But it a big portion, most of us share.
Teba Sari-Kopinya Gratis


Yeks…kopi taik musang


Pura in Tanah Lot


We buy this also.


Me and hubby in Tanah Lot


Very nice view in Tanah Lot.-Credit to mr hubby


Dinner at Jimbaran.
Last day in Bali we just have shopping at KRISNA .After that go to Pasar Kuta and jalan-jalan at Pantai KUTA.For information we are crazy shopping at KRISNA.KRISNA is the most cheapest place to shopping in BALI .You can get from sourvenier, t-shirt, food, craft handbag, bali soup,coffe, tea,sarung,and even oil painting are very-very cheap
First the MAS SUPIR udah bilang di KRISNA murah.But all of us say tak mau because it emporium and we cannot bargain to get cheaper price.But in KRISNA the PRICE memang tersangat murah dan tidak perlu bargain lagi.As an example in PASAR KUTA the same fridge magnet they sell Rp16000 after bargain you will get around Rp9000-Rp12000…In KRISNA plak hargnya Rp7500.Banyakkan beza.One more thing KRISNA is open 24hours. So jejak je kaki kat BALI even pukul 1pagi dah boleh terus pegi KRISNA.


Pasar Kuta


Pantai Kuta


Gambar wajib FANA-Yeah lompatttttttt…




Last shopping in KRISNA


Pantai Kuta


Thanks to Kak ina, kak sally, kak yani, abg rizal,erna, senah, chi, derlan and little adam for choosing
And also special thanks to KAKA and GEDHI as our supir.
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From Osaka to Kyoto.

Today lambat sikit memulakan perjalanan sebab nak tunggu kedai-kedai game area den-den town ni buka.Normally bisness hour 10-10.So shopping sikit mainan2 naruto.Actually i and husband tak shopping pun since our son baru setahun.

Super kids land shop
siti rahayu memborong sakan
game shop…
robot2 game…
After abis shopping barulah start journey for today. Yeah….we are moving to Kyoto.So we take Midosuji Line and stop at Shin-Osaka and need to exhange train to Kyoto.Actually have two option by train which is by JR LINE TRAIN or by SHINKANSEN BULLET TRAIN.We actually tersilap amik train, for sure we want the cheapest tapi terbeli Shinkansen bullet train which cost 1280yen per person one way. If take JR LINE train it just cost 540yen only one way.Osaka to Kyoto if by bus it takes 3 hours drive, macam dari kl nak ke ipoh. If takes JR LINE train it takes only 1 hour journey.If takes Shinkansen bullet train it takes only 20minutes. Superrbbbbbbbbbbb kann???
teruja naik bullet train…
this is the bullet train…
panjang tau bullet train nih…
inside the bullet train
So about 20minutes we safely arrive at KYOTO Station. First at all macam biase le, have to find information centre. Take some map and detail about Kyoto and ask how to go to ours hostel (Backpacker Hostel K’House Kyoto).
After that we decide to buy train ticket from Kyoto to Kansai Airport for our last day.We take JR LINE and it cost 2780yen per pax.
in front of KYOTO Station…
dengan budak-budak sekolah pun jadi amik gbr…
our hostel….dining area…
our rooms…japanese room…
kitchen at our hostel…
Sampai hostel at about 1pm, still tak boleh nak check-in but the hostel can keep the bag for us.Ni kes dah tak tahan nak berbasikal di Kyoto.So after simpan semua barang, we all terus ke kedai berhampiran untuk rent a bicycle.So we rent for 2days which cost 1400yen untuk 1 basikal.Perut pun dah agak lapar tempat yang dituju ialah Kyoto-Yodobashi.This place banyak jual camera slr murah-murah. So we have big bowl udon for lunch. Yeahhhh….lapar dah ni….after that jalan-jalan area shopping mall and went back to hostel.
everyone ready to tour kyoto…yeah…
big bowl udon + orange juice =950 yen
semua org tengah kelaparan….
pelbagai menu lagi…………..
Sampai hostel,kemas-kemas barang…then we berbasikal balik. So at nite we go to GION area…konon-konon nak tengok geisha, tapi malang tak jumpe pun.Just meet awek2 jepun pakai kimono jer. The sakura view at nite pun sangat le cantik.After cycling all Gion area, pulang semula ke pangkal jalan.It times for sleep.At nite Kyoto temp mencecah 6’c.Sangatlah sejuk.
at nite…yodobashi…
mule-mule nak tanya jalan je..last2 kene bergambar sekali…
city area…
Gion area….
Will be continue part 4..
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We start our journey about 9am in the morning.Before that breakfast at hotel roti with sambal ikan bilis from Malaysia.First we need to find the OSAKAVISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE at Namba Station  to buy the OSAKA UNLIMITED PASS. We just buy for one day which is 2000yen, if two day it costs 2700yen.This unlimited pass is use for unlimited subway and buses. You also can visit 27 places for free. Just show ur unlimited pass…Best kan??

???? ?? 26??
Ok sambung balik story, so after we get our unlimited pass, 1st place we go to BAY AREA, this area we go for TEMPOZAN GIANT FERRIS WHEEL macam EYE ON MALAYSIA gitu. Then we go to OSAKA MARITIME MUSEUM . Kat sini jugak boleh naik cruise tapi we didnt go because lack of time .Kalu naik cruise amik masa lebih kurang 1 hour jugak.Ni nk cerita perjalanan dari Namba Station ke Bay Area ni. From Namba Station we take Midosuji Line to Hommomachi. Here need to change to Chuo Line then stop at Osakako Station.Berjalan lebih kurang 15minit ke exit. Then lepas exit berjalan another 15minit sampai le area nih.
 Den den town area hotel
Selamat tiada radiasi…yer ker?
Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel
Romantik x?
Tetibe ada ninja plak…
View from the top of Giant Ferris Wheel
Osaka Aquarium..
Me always read the MAP
 Me again with the map
Osaka Maritime Museum
Me always read the map
Continue our journey to UMEDA area. From Osakako Station Chuo Line go to Homamachi to change Midosuji Line. So from here go to UMEDA Station.At UMEDA we have our lunch at Japanese Restaurant.After having our lunch we proceed to go to HEP FIVE FERRIS WHEEL. Jenuh gak mencari nyer sebab its located inside of the shopping mall.After that we go to Floating Garden. This Floating Garden tersangat le jauh from Station. Dekat 30minit berjalan baru le sampai.
Yeah…Lunch time…
Japanese style lunch
We order set .. ade udon, unagi rice, and tempura -1200yen
Set Udon and Sushi-1100 yen
HEP giant ferris
From the top
From the top
On the way to floating garden
Floating garden is for LOVING COUPLE
Floating Garden
Escalator yang tinggi..
 Atas tu le floating garden
Escalator yg kami naik tadi..
Settle this area, hari pun dah petang dalam pukul 4ptg.So next place isOsaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden and Osaka Castle Museum.So from Umeda Station , we take Tanimachi Line stop at Tanimachi-4 Chome. Yang ni pun jalan lama gak dekat 15minit baru jumpe exit. Then from exit jalan ke destinasi yang di tuju dalam 30minit gak.Here the view tersangat le cantik.Everywhere is SAKURA.

Adega comei with mr hubby
Yang ni romantik plak…
Five of us…
Model sakura..
Free style….
Osaka castle is just behind me…
Osaka castle is the last place.We went back to Namba Station having our dinner. Tonite we just eat takoyaki.After that have some shopping in Namba.Again we get lost to find a souvenir shop. Banyak gile dah tanya orang, lastly got one Japanese lady sangat le baik hati siap bawak kan kiteorg ke kedai tuh…sungguh terharu.Barang-barang kat sini price ok jugak ler, just souvenir je yang mahal.Segala barang yang made in Japan sangat le murah.Even kasut-kasut boot just from 1000yen dalam rm40 jer.Skin care macam SK11, Shesheido or KOSE pun murah.After shopping sikit, balik hotel…again we lost lagi…hahahah…dah le kaki mcm nk patah….sesat plak tuh….
Dotombori area
Sangat ramai orang…
Kalu datang Osaka wajib amik gbr kat sini tau…..
I bought baju from this shop…only 105yen….dlm rm5 jer
 kedai baju anime..
Tako-tako…8 biji …650 yen
in front of namba station….
SK11 set only 6000 yen…dlm rm220
Will be continue part 3
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7APRIL 2012-DAY 1
Moshi-moshi….Now we are arriving at KANSAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at 9.40pm local time with temp 7c.Macam tak percaya now we are in OSAKA JAPAN.Actually a nite before we sleep at 4.30am sebab tak abis lagi buat research.Lepas settle semua start lah journey.So from Kansai Airport we take JR Line to OSAKA stop at NAMBA STATION.Remember at Namba station have 24exit so make sure exit di tempat yang betol.The ticket from Kansai Airport to Namba station 890yen.About 40 minute sampai  di NAMBA STATION.
 Kansai International Airport
 Which station nak stop nih?
So we exit at E3 depends at the research dat we do.Exit dah betul tapi still tak jumpe hotelnye.Lastly terpakse tanya gak orang and superb this guy casher kat makanan segere sampai kuar kedai tunjuk jalan kat kiteorg.Alhamdulillah sampai jugak . We stay at HILLARY HOTEL area  DEN DEN TOWN
 Japanese people are very helpful..:)
Hillary Hotel
Hillary Hotel
Toilet yang canggih.
This hotel ok ler around 3star hotel.For bilik tuk dua org mcm biasa katil nyer, toilet pun ok ade bath tub smua, jamban pun canggih.Syampoo, conditioner n body bath semua sheshido. Class x?
Then this hotel provide facility macam free drink , free breakfast (roti roti jer),laundry, rental bicycle, internet free, WIFI ape lagi ekk?Hotel ni tuk dua malam almost rm1k untuk bilik dua org.Mahal skit sebab skang tgh high peak seasaon, which is SAKURA BLOSSOMING TIME.
Will continue part 2 soon…:)
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USED: Pre-loved SCR5 Stroller & SCR7 Car Seat for sale


[SCR5 Stroller]
Features :
•Suitable from birth till 3 years (<17kg)
•Innovative design and portable lifestyle stroller
•Lightweight aluminum frame
•Adjustable backrest and footrest
•Can be in forward or rearward facing
•Traveling system: Compatible with C100 with additional adapter 




[SCR7 Car Seat]
Features :
•Suitable from birth to 10kg
•Light weight and portable infant car seat/ carrier/ rocker
•3-point, 1-pull padded safety harness
•Traveling system: Compatible wit S300A and S301 strollers with additional adapter

– Both SCR5 & SCR7 can be fitted to the stroller. It’s a good travel system.
– Not to be sold separately.
– Used few month but in good condition.
– Seat condition are brand new as Im used this stroller with SCR7 Car Seat before.
– Comes from Muslim, Malay, smoke & pet free home.
– Reason for sale: Bought a new one
– COD: Selayang/Gombak/PJ/Ipoh.
Actual price : RM459.00 + RM239.00 = RM698
Selling price: RM450 ONLY!
Contact me: azyliana 0196758025




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