Posted by: azy a.k.a tjs | July 10, 2008

whEn Love Someone But Family Doesn’t Approve

Love or FamiLy?

 Relationships are hard enough.  But when your family doesn’t approve, it makes it even harder.  Do you fight for what you want and risk your relationship with your family? 

How do you feel about it?  What would you do?

In my opinion, at first i think i will go for my loves ones but when i think twice definitely i will choose my family.Most people have been in love.When we are in  love everything are so sweet. Semuanya indah ketika sedang bercinta, when comes part at break off, then you know how was the pain that suffer you.

The experience was soo…….when talk about love and family, certain people are able to leave their family, friends and maybe job just for their loves one. This kind of people are really blind in loves.I dont understand why they cant handle their feeling. But almost people say when it comes to loves, surely we will act differently, we will able to do anything for the love although “family doesnt approve”.

When comes part family doest apporove, i become more afraid because nowdays that a lot of girl run away from their home just to follow their loves ones.They dont think about how worry their family, they even dont think about their own safety.What they think is just  LOVE. For those girl or guys who are really blind in love, dont make yourself blind . Think of your FAMILY especially IBU ANDA.



  1. 1) if the person you want to marry is a murder

    2) Molester/Beater

    3)Has another spouse already

    —- If the person you want to marry is not something bad like the above then you shouldn’t care what family thinks especially if you love the person, its your LIFE…

  2. we never knew what is the hikmah di sebalik kejadian until we experienced it..people cannot changed anything except ourself.

    we are the one who design on a plain cloth after our parents provide us with design framework..with education and religion, we need to think the action have to be align with the thinking…

    jz remember, no parents want to bring harm to their child.

    correction ckit…its not only nowadays girl run away because of love…since we r not born yet dh ade case cm tu…cume sekanrang ni menjadi2…kehhehehe..

    piece from adam…..hehehehe….

  3. Aku raser ader hierarki. Dlm bercinta pon. Come on la that guy is not even your husband…..what worth sacrifising utk dier. Dlm agama cakap yg tinggi kiter patut syg Allah..kemudian Rasul..pastu Parents… kat maner boyfriend? lain la kalo suami…maybe aku tulis nih cakap elleh berlagak jer pompuan nih bukan penah bercinta pon…x salah ikut kater hati tapi utk sejenak pk la makpak yg berkorban selama 25 tahun kiter hidup nih…kalo dah jodoh ader jalan yg dibagi berserta ngan kekuatan hati menghadapi rintangan cuma bahagia ker ngan pijak kebahagiaan org lain? maksud aku contohnyer hancurkan hati makpak. makpak sekarang dah lain…kalo diaorg raser excellent utk anak dier x kan dihalangnyer, mesti ader sbb naper diaorg x kasi.

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