Posted by: azy a.k.a tjs | December 22, 2008

enD of Year@AnnuaL DinnER

Annual Dinner

End of year. Time for annual dinner.Every week ade jer housemate aku  yang pegi annual dinner.Bergaya sakan semua orang termasuk ler aku….hehhehehhe.

Aku punyer annual dinner last Friday 19Dec2008.Boleh tahan gempak gak ler company aku punyer annual dinner tapi lepas ni aku ade lagi satu annual dinner.





  1. I would just like to great everyone a merry christmas in advance because i can’t greet all of you this christmas cause I’m going for a vacation.. Merry Christmas! I will be back by January 2.. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

  2. qoit..pki la turtle neck baju tu..dah cam siti la kau ni…cover sket laa

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