Posted by: azy a.k.a tjs | September 7, 2009

MalaYsian furNiture FaIr@ 5 SePt 2009

First2 sampai dapat paper beg nih……


Datang sini really give us idea tuk design rumah. Lepas ni boleh jadi interior designer especially incik auditor.

Here certain ideas n tips dat i can share.

  1. Implement the 5:2 principal in daily life ( work for 5 days n 2 days belong 2 urself)
  2. Besides sofa, lamps also can become the main the visual gamer of a living room. You may consider getting a uniquely shaped lamp or a main lamp with distinctive design..
  3. Place a uniquely coloured carpet ( such black and white striped carpet) in a room or a small space to create suprise effect.
  4. Create suprise! Send your loved one, a bouquet of roses to thank him/her for keeping a company all this while and remember to prepare a matching vase as well.
  5. Place the most commonly used items (such as table spoons and plates) in the upper shelf of kitchen cabinet while putting those big and seldom used items (such as blender ) in other spaces.
  6. Do not treat living room space as a regular channel usage, lighting should be warm in colour and things kept simple n tidy.
  7. Add new sense of freshness to your home! Take out old photo and put the latest photo in the frame. Or think about getting latest digital photo frame that can storage a large number of photos, easier to express the bits and pieces of your life.
  8. Choose your on style  – Tropical style, Contemporary style, Mix and match style and Classic luxury .


  1. nice idea yeah

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