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We start our journey about 9am in the morning.Before that breakfast at hotel roti with sambal ikan bilis from Malaysia.First we need to find the OSAKAVISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE at Namba Station  to buy the OSAKA UNLIMITED PASS. We just buy for one day which is 2000yen, if two day it costs 2700yen.This unlimited pass is use for unlimited subway and buses. You also can visit 27 places for free. Just show ur unlimited pass…Best kan??

???? ?? 26??
Ok sambung balik story, so after we get our unlimited pass, 1st place we go to BAY AREA, this area we go for TEMPOZAN GIANT FERRIS WHEEL macam EYE ON MALAYSIA gitu. Then we go to OSAKA MARITIME MUSEUM . Kat sini jugak boleh naik cruise tapi we didnt go because lack of time .Kalu naik cruise amik masa lebih kurang 1 hour jugak.Ni nk cerita perjalanan dari Namba Station ke Bay Area ni. From Namba Station we take Midosuji Line to Hommomachi. Here need to change to Chuo Line then stop at Osakako Station.Berjalan lebih kurang 15minit ke exit. Then lepas exit berjalan another 15minit sampai le area nih.
 Den den town area hotel
Selamat tiada radiasi…yer ker?
Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel
Romantik x?
Tetibe ada ninja plak…
View from the top of Giant Ferris Wheel
Osaka Aquarium..
Me always read the MAP
 Me again with the map
Osaka Maritime Museum
Me always read the map
Continue our journey to UMEDA area. From Osakako Station Chuo Line go to Homamachi to change Midosuji Line. So from here go to UMEDA Station.At UMEDA we have our lunch at Japanese Restaurant.After having our lunch we proceed to go to HEP FIVE FERRIS WHEEL. Jenuh gak mencari nyer sebab its located inside of the shopping mall.After that we go to Floating Garden. This Floating Garden tersangat le jauh from Station. Dekat 30minit berjalan baru le sampai.
Yeah…Lunch time…
Japanese style lunch
We order set .. ade udon, unagi rice, and tempura -1200yen
Set Udon and Sushi-1100 yen
HEP giant ferris
From the top
From the top
On the way to floating garden
Floating garden is for LOVING COUPLE
Floating Garden
Escalator yang tinggi..
 Atas tu le floating garden
Escalator yg kami naik tadi..
Settle this area, hari pun dah petang dalam pukul 4ptg.So next place isOsaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden and Osaka Castle Museum.So from Umeda Station , we take Tanimachi Line stop at Tanimachi-4 Chome. Yang ni pun jalan lama gak dekat 15minit baru jumpe exit. Then from exit jalan ke destinasi yang di tuju dalam 30minit gak.Here the view tersangat le cantik.Everywhere is SAKURA.

Adega comei with mr hubby
Yang ni romantik plak…
Five of us…
Model sakura..
Free style….
Osaka castle is just behind me…
Osaka castle is the last place.We went back to Namba Station having our dinner. Tonite we just eat takoyaki.After that have some shopping in Namba.Again we get lost to find a souvenir shop. Banyak gile dah tanya orang, lastly got one Japanese lady sangat le baik hati siap bawak kan kiteorg ke kedai tuh…sungguh terharu.Barang-barang kat sini price ok jugak ler, just souvenir je yang mahal.Segala barang yang made in Japan sangat le murah.Even kasut-kasut boot just from 1000yen dalam rm40 jer.Skin care macam SK11, Shesheido or KOSE pun murah.After shopping sikit, balik hotel…again we lost lagi…hahahah…dah le kaki mcm nk patah….sesat plak tuh….
Dotombori area
Sangat ramai orang…
Kalu datang Osaka wajib amik gbr kat sini tau…..
I bought baju from this shop…only 105yen….dlm rm5 jer
 kedai baju anime..
Tako-tako…8 biji …650 yen
in front of namba station….
SK11 set only 6000 yen…dlm rm220
Will be continue part 3

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