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This time we bring all sibling member from husband side.Just a weekend trip to Langkawi.We stay at budget hotel TWIN PEAKS.First day we just have some shopping at KUAH area.Everybody was memborong coklat.

 Twin Peak
 My hero enjoy his 1st trip even demam…
Again my little hero


Mereka yg memborong coklat..

Second day we have two tour.
First in the morning we have ISLAND HOPING TOUR which take about 4 hours.

Island Hoping tour itenerary as below:

The Langkawi Island Hopping Tour takes you on a journey to explore Langkawi’s most illustrious islets. First you’ll be taken to visit verdant ‘Pulau Singa Besar’ – Big Lion Island; the boat stops just shy of the shores and you’ll get the chance to watch the king of the skies – eagles – as they soar overhead. Observe as they dive to catch their prey, chicken bits that the boat driver has thrown into the water, with deadly precision – it’s a great photo and video opportunity.
Next head on over to Pulau Dayang Bunting – the silhouette of the pregnant maiden from a distance is truly awe-inspiring; meanwhile the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden – overflowing with supposed ‘magical’ waters is another breathtaking sight. Relax on the adjoining buoys on the shores, dip your feet into the waters or splash and swim around in the enclosed sections. The day ends with a visit to ‘Beras Basah Island’ – or Wet Rice Island – another pristine Langkawi beach with clear waters and far-reaching views of the sea where you can relax and soak up the sun and sea after a day spent trekking up to the Pregnant Maiden Lake and feeding the eagles.

Experience naik bot
To Pulau Dayang Bunting
Pulau Dayang Bunting
Jetty Pulau Dayang Bunting
To Pulau Beras Basah
Pulau Beras Basah
Pulau Beras Basah

Lunch break

Second tour is MANGROVE TOUR

Mangrove tour itenerary as below:
Mangrove Tour is a tour along Kilim river. On both side are mangrove trees. The boat will cruise slowly and you look and learn about mangrove ecosystem. This is fun and educational tour for everybody. Mangrove Tour Langkawi, is an educational and recreational tour, suitable to everybody. The tour will slowly cruise the river and you will able to watch animals like birds, monkeys and eagle active searching for food. Experience for yourself the mangrove trees on your left and rignt of the river
> Bat Cave
> Fish Farm
> Eagle Feeding
> Mangrove Sightseeing
> Crocodile Cave
> Open Sea (Andaman Sea)
> Icon Kilim Geoforest Park
> Tanjung Rhu View
> Fish Feeding at Dangli Island

Kilim MangroveTour


Experience bagi ikan makan


Monkey is everywhere


On the way to crocodile cave


Kilim Geo Park
Settle…Wait for our next destination……

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