Posted by: azy a.k.a tjs | May 23, 2012



Today we start our journey early in the morning. Lebih kurang dalam pukul 9pagi (awal ker?). We decide to to take cycle around Kyoto course and the East Course.
Start from our hostel in Kyoto town, the first place we go is NIJO CASTLE. On the way to this Nijo Castle we manage to reach here without lost.Rasa macam confident bertambah untuk berbasikal sebab first place tak sesat.But we all tak masuk pun ke Nijo Castle sebab kene bayar entrance fee.



 Then we proceed to KINKUJI AREA. Just our luck when we reach here, they have some event.The feeling was great to see Japanese culture there.Here also a lot of stall sell tako-tako.Apa lagi sah-sah le sental gak makan kat sini.





So the third place is Ryoanji area. Just about 20minitue cycle from Kinkuji area.Here we also didnt go inside the castle because need to pay the entrance fee.



Last place we go is PATH OF PHYLOSOPY.This place are very-very-very-very far.Macam nak tercabut kaki kayuh basikal.


So settle for one day KYOTO TOUR. Petang dah nak kene return all the bicycle.After that is shopping time for us before balik ke Malaysia.Sempat gak kami shopping UNIQLO. ( tersangat le murah t shirt kat UNIQLO di sini)

TADAAAAAAAA…. wait for the next place………..

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