Posted by: azy a.k.a tjs | December 2, 2013

Tired Survey All The Kindi/Playschool In Selayang

Next year Furqqan Hullaiff Putra will turn to 3year old.Mama yang hover survey all the kindi  or playschool around selayang.

First survey BBIM


Sangat impress dengan all the Montessori method and the timetable also mcm ok.

Syllabus pun ok and yang penting the teacher yg bagi explanation sangat bagus.

Fee pulak for annual register rm1000++ and for monthly rm320 for halfday.

Next playschool SMART READER

Smart Reader

This school mmg tersangatlah branch kat selayang.Bile pegi dengar explanation mcm x berapa nk convince sangat

Annual register dalam rm1000++ and monthly rm295

Next playschool is SSE or SESAME STREET ENGLISH


Playschool ni macam baru sebab baru ada dalam 5 branch in KL/Selangor

So kami pegi usha time open day.Memang sangat teruja dengan all the equipment and the teacher nampak mcm best.

Yang x berapa nak best…Fee dier….hihihi.. agak mahal.

Annual register rm1700 and monthly rm400 for halfday.

Tapi we decide choose this school sebab “MACAM BEST JER…MACAM BEST JER “

qan 2yr


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